Three Strikes

Three Strikes

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in June: 7pm - 10 pm

Seven drawings per day, each drawing worth up to $2000!
One winner will be chosen from each drawing to participate by choosing ba seballs from the gameboard. Every time a ball with a dollar amount is chosen, the amount is added to their grand total. Once the player chooses 3 balls with "Strike" it's game over, but THE PLAYER KEEPS THEIR ACCUMMULATED TOTAL AMOUNT!

A winner every half hour!
Receive 1 Entry for every 10 points earned during promotional play.

Must be present to win. Dollar amounts earned prior to participant getting the third "strike" will be added together for participants grand prize total. $50 consolation prize amount will be awarded to any participant striking out before reaching at least $50 in total earnings. Amounts of $600 or more will be offered a cash option.

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