Players Club – Club 7

New to club 7?

Stop by one of our three casinos to sign up and you'll receive $7 in MIGIZI PLAY!

There's never been a better time to join! Start your "New to Club" benefits as soon as you sign up, and see all the winning ways Club 7 makes your play easier, faster, better, and of course, more fun!


Get Birthday offer during your birthday month, The higher your tier the louder we cheer. Give our Birthday bonus a whirl at our Kiosk and receive a gift value based on your Player's Club tier level:

  • $50- $100  –  Black
  • $25 - $50  –  Purple
  • $10 - $25   –  Gold
  • $2 - $10     –  Silver
  • $2 - $10     –  Turquoise  *Must earn 25 base points to trigger.

Birthday offers will be available every day of the week during the month of the patron’s birthday. All birthday gifts including Migizi Play will only be available for 24 hours after issuance.


Player’s Club members will receive a Wedding Anniversary gift for their wedding anniversary (in the wedding anniversary month). The gift is a $10 off a meal voucher valid at any Seven Clans Casino restaurants/snack bars. Wedding Anniversary offer will be available every day of the week during the month of the patron’s wedding anniversary.

Please visit the Player's Club for more details. Restrictions may apply.

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Complimentary Hotel stays are Sunday - Thursdays. Restrictions may apply, please see the Club brochure or stop in at the Player's Club for more information on all Honor Card benefits.

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The New Club 7 ~ Easier. Faster. Better.

It’s EASIER to understand:

We’ve made earning points at Seven Clans Casinos easier. While other clubs are vague and require a lot of fancy math to figure out your point redemption, we’ve made it simple for you. Every $5 you play on a slot machine = 1 point and every $10 you play on a Video Poker/Keno = 1 point. We wanted it to be easier for you to earn and keep track of your points so you know exactly where you stand. It’s just easier all around!

It’s FASTER to earn points, tiers and rewards:

At Seven Clans Casinos, you can earn points, tier levels, and rewards faster than ever before. And when you earn points faster, your points add up faster! So you can go from the Seven Clans Card to Seven Clans Card even faster. The more higher the tier level, the more perks you receive! And, faster rewards mean that you can earn free play, dining credit and other great perks faster! It’s just faster all around!

It’s BETTER all around:

Instead of six months like other Player’s Clubs, we give you a whole year to earn and maintain your tier. We also have fun perks, birthday food and free play, and a reward for earning one of our higher tiers. The possibilities are endless!

1 Club. 3 Locations. Endless Rewards!

We’ve Upgraded Our Player Tracking System So Now You Can Enjoy NEW FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES.

Now your points are cross-platform, regardless of what Seven Clans Casino location you play at. Play at one, or play at all! You can check your point balance at any location at anytime and redeem credits and comps too!

With the new system also comes all new benefits based on your tier level. Review the chart inside to familiarize yourself with your tier level benefits. We’ve even added a new Honor card to thank our active military and veterans.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re not already a member, join the Club now. If you’re already a member, be sure to use your Club 7 player’s card while playing to earn points and leverage your membership status... the higher the tier, the better the benefits!

You can become a member today. Visit the Player's Club at any of our casinos to join!

Signing up is free and easy! When you play with a Seven Clans Player's Club card you can earn exciting rewards and benefits for your play.

Just place your card in the slot machine reader before you play, once it reads your name you're good to go. If you are playing live blackjack, give your player’s card directly to the dealer or supervisor so they may record your play. We do not currently offer points or play tracking on live poker tables.

There are two types of rewards you can earn on your account while playing in the casino. Point play are points that can be redeemed for free play directly from your card onto the slot machine. Free play is free slot play that is awarded through direct mail offers or promotional giveaways/events that are available directly on your account during the valid period. Free play may only be redeemed on a slot machine and has no cash value and is non-transferable.

You earn 1 point for every $5 you play on a slot machine = 1 point and every $10 you play on a Video Poker/Keno = 1 point.You can also earn points at the tables based on length of play and average bet.

By using your player’s card we are able to determine what special offers, discounts, or other great things you are eligible to receive!

That’s the best part, your earned point balance will never expire as long as you visit any Seven Clans Casino location and earn at least 1 point in a rolling 13 month period.

You can redeem your points toward free slot play or towards the purchase of items at restaurants, hotel, and gift shops at any Seven Clans Casino location. Every 50 points equals $1. Points earned on multiplied points days may be redeemed toward free slot play downloads on the slot machines and purchases at the restaurants, hotel and gift shops but do not count towards tier status.

Base points are the regular points earned while playing with your player’s card on slot machines or table games not including any special point multiplier promotions. Points are not earned while playing with free slot play

Tier status is based on earned base points only. Free slot play such as direct mail offers, drawing, tournament, promotional winnings, and point multiplier promotions are not considered when determining Player's Club card tier status. Points are not earned playing with free slot play.

Tiers are renewed once per year on January 1st. As you play and earn base points you can continue to advance tiers throughout the year. At 11:59pm on December 31st all players will be assigned to the tier they reached by that time and they will remain that tier for the next year or until they advance tiers. If a player does not earn the required points to maintain their tier, they will be downgraded to the applicable tier.

For more details and explanations please visit one of our Player's Clubs.

  1. Club membership is free. To qualify for club membership you must be 18 years of age or older and provide valid proof of age.
  2. For your protection and the protection of all Club members you will be asked for your valid photo ID with your matching name Player’s Club card for all Club related transactions.
  3. Club members must have a valid mailing address and are responsible for notifying Seven Clans Casinos of any name, address, email, or phone number changes in person or in writing.
  4. Individuals excluded from any Seven Clans Casino facility are not eligible to participate in the Player’s Club or be issued a Player’s Club card or any Player’s Club benefits. Any outstanding benefits, points, or offers that are on a card when a player is excluded will be voided and removed from the account. Excluded individuals that are allowed to re-enter Seven Clans Casinos must re-earn all benefits once reinstated and will not receive prior offers or have past balances restored.
  5. Club members are responsible for the proper insertion of their Player’s Club card into the card readers on our slot and video machines to receive club benefits, and to ensure that a supervisor/ dealer is aware of your play when playing table games. For table play ratings please present your Player’s Club card to the dealer or supervisor at each table game prior to playing. Seven Clans Casinos uses reasonable efforts to track a participants table games play including average bet and time played, however, as a condition of receiving ratings for table games play, participants agree that such ratings are granted based on the personal observation of Seven Clans Casino staff and that their determinations shall be final and binding.
  6. The benefits of the Player’s Club program are solely intended for the use of the person listed on the account. Seven Clans Casino Player’s Club cards may be used to track play and accumulate points by the account member only. Benefits, free play, etc. are non-transferable. With regards to hotel stays the member receiving the benefit MUST utilize the room personally or will be subject to removal from benefits, suspension from the Player’s Club, or exclusion from the casino.
  7. Members are allowed one account only. Multiple cards with the same account number and name may be issued for members with proper identification who want to play multiple machines at the same time.
  8. Members distributing their cards to other persons to play on, or “point farming” (leaving cards in various slot machines without playing on those machines to try to get additional points by other guests playing on their cards) may have their membership revoked and all remaining cash and privileges surrendered.
  9. Any guest caught in possession of another guest’s Player’s Club card, whether in use on a machine or not, will be subject to automatic removal from the casino and exclusion from the casino based on management’s decision. If the guest has another’s Player’s Club card with their permission both guests may be removed from the casino due to violation of Club rules. Player’s Club cards are to be used during play and for transactions only by the guest listed on the card.
  10. Fraudulent uses of the card including point chasing, card manipulation, team playing and any type of point theft will result in immediate revocation of Club membership and loss of all outstanding Club privileges and benefits.
  11. Points and comps are non-transferable and may not be brokered, bartered, or sold, including upon death or divorce. Points, comps, and other Club benefits can only be redeemed as well as only be earned at Seven Clans Casino locations in Thief River Falls, Warroad and Red Lake, Minnesota. Comp Dollars cannot be used for gratuities.
  12. Club guidelines apply to all tier levels of cards regardless of level of play or status within the Club.
  13. Tier status is based on earned point play only (base points). Free slot play (direct mail offers), drawing, tournament winnings, promotion winnings, and point multiplier promotions are not considered when determining Player’s Club card tier status.
  14. Base points are defined as points earned on a Player’s Club card from actual money played and do not include point multipliers or any play from free slot play or points conversions.
  15. Points are not earned playing with free slot play.
  16. Free play loaded to Player’s Club cards must be used during listed valid dates and by the expiration time and date listed. Expired free play will not be restored to an account under any circumstance.
  17. Management reserves the right to adjust any point balance and benefits resulting from malfunctions, operational error, misuse or fraud.
  18. Members must adhere to all Club guidelines. Misuse may result in immediate revocation of membership and loss of any outstanding Club privileges and benefits.
  19. Points remain valid as long as at least one (1) point is earned every rolling 13 months. In the event there is no activity on a Player’s Club card account any remaining unredeemed points or benefits will expire and are not replaceable. Accounts may be archived after 13 months of no registered play.
  20. Tiers renew once per year on January 1st (unless advertised differently by management). Points for each tier must be obtained prior to that time. Tiers will renew based upon the points earned for that one year period, accounts will be subject to downgrade for not obtaining the required points to maintain tiers or advance.
  21. If a guest is downgraded, they will receive the new card for their applicable tier. If at any time a guest tries to use a previously earned card level for discounts, etc. they will be subject to removal/exclusion from the casino and/or suspension of Club benefits.
  22. Members agree to allow the use of their name and likeness for promotions, advertising, and announcements without compensation.
  23. Membership in the Player’s Club is a privilege and may be revoked or cancelled at the discretion of Seven Clans Casino Management without notice and the member must surrender their Player’s Club card upon request.
  24. Seven Clans Casino Marketing Department or Management shall resolve any dispute or misunderstanding regarding the Player’s Club. Seven Clans Casino also reserves all rights to modify, cancel or deny privileges at any time.
  25. By participating in the Seven Clans Casino Player’s Club card program participants agree to and accept all rules, terms and conditions set forth by Seven Clans Casinos.
  26. Seven Clans Casino Marketing or Management reserves all rights including the right to change, alter, cancel or revise the Player’s Club or promotional rules and benefits at any time without notice.
  27. If any of the preceding guidelines are found to be invalid, all other guidelines shall remain in effect.
  28. The rules above are not meant to be an exhaustive list or in any particular order. The Marketing Department or Casino Management will handle issues on a case by case basis and decisions made will be final.

If you have any questions about these rules and regulations please contact one of our friendly Guest Services Representatives for assistance.

*It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure information in the casino system for mailing and email address is correct in order to receive qualified mailed or emailed offers, announcements and information. To update or check information please see the Players Club. Management reserves the right to change, cancel or alter any promotion or event at any time.