Catchin’ Cash

Fridays & Saturdays in June • 6PM – 10PM

All Locations

$2,500 in Cash? Nice Catch!

Don’t just wish.. go fish!

Play the Catchin’ Cash plinko game!

Get lucky and catch the big one: $2,500 Cash!

  • Walleye = $2,500 CASH
  • Northern Pike = $500 Migizi
  • Perch: $250 Migizi
  • Worm: $100 Migizi
  • Tin Can: $50 Migizi

Earn 1 drawing for every 25 base points earned.

The chosen winner will have 3 minutes to report to the Players Club. If the patron does not show up within the timeframe given, another patron will be drawn until a winner is chosen.