Hearts Are Wild

Thursdays • 6PM – 10PM

All Locations

If you love winning, go wild!

1 winner each hour – 5 winners each day!

Earn all month long!
10 base points = one entry

The higher your tier, the more hearts you’ll steal!
If your name is drawn, you’ll draw hearts out of the bag based on your tier level:

  • Turquoise & Silver = 1 heart
  • Gold = 2 hearts
  • Purple = 3 hearts
  • Black = 4 hearts

The hearts hold amounts from $25-$100 in Migizi Play.

Choose the Wild Heart and pick again! The amounts will be added together for the final winning amount!

Guests have 3 minutes to report to the Player’s Club. If they do not show within the given time frame, another patron will be drawn until a winner is chosen.